7 Things You Should Know before Getting a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) by Sydney Nose Surgeon Dr Alan Evans

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7 Things You Should Know before Getting a Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) by Sydney Nose Surgeon Dr Alan Evans


1. You Don’t Want Brangelina’s Nose

Both of these celebrities have attractive noses. However, we forget that how ‘nice’ a nose is depends on how it sits relative to the rest of the face. Your nose should never look like somebody else’s. The best nose for you is one that fits your face and tweaks the natural qualities that you already possess.


2. Never Trust a Golden Operating Chair

The happiest, most satisfied patients are those who had their expectations met. Bewary of a surgeon who promises miracles. A successful outcome is one in which you realize that ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist. A better way to manage expectations is to think of the result as improved, attractive and satisfying.


3. You Must See it to Believe it

Choose a surgeon that has powerful imaging technology. In your consultations, this is critical to helping set the right expectations with you around what you will look like after surgery. A visual aid is the most powerful one you can have.


4. Sometimes Bigger is Better

Most people believe nose jobs require minimizing the nose, making it smaller by chipping away and sculpting the nose. Yet often times, a nose requires additions to help balance out the symmetry and ensure it is well suited to your face. There is no perfect nose, only one that is perfect for your face!


5. Recovery Helps You Take Some R&R

For the first few weeks after surgery, it is important not to knock your nose or strain your breathing, so exercise and rushing around is a no-no. Drinking alcohol is strongly discouraged as it can contribute to swelling and prolong the healing process. This is a great time to just be still. Detox your body and refresh your mind.


6. It Can Improve Sports Performance

The best nose jobs (rhinoplasty) will help you breath better. This is particularly useful for those training in sports. Pinched nostrils or rough surgery are mistakes that inexperienced surgeons perform when focusing on the appearance more than the effect it will have on your breathing and fitness performance.


7. Choose Skilled Re-Doers

Sometimes, revisions need to be made on noses in which the outcome was not desirable. This may have occurred by another surgeon or through cheap overseas surgery. Revision surgeries are complicated, so ask your surgeon about their revision rate and choose a Doctor who is highly experienced in this area.