How to Minimise Scars After Surgery

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How to Minimise Scars After Surgery

Post-surgical scars are a concern voiced by many patients prior to cosmetic surgery. After all, you are looking for a specific aesthetic result (and one that does not involve scars).

Resulting scars depend on a number of factors, such as:

1. The type of skin you have
2. The experience and skill of the surgeon
3. The type of surgery being performed
4. Post-surgical scar care
An experienced, skilled surgeon will take into account the type of skin you have, which can be prone to keloid scarring (a type of scar where the tissue forms a built-up, ‘lump’ scar). They will also have a care plan for your scar post surgery, which involves minimizing the risk of infection (which can worsen scar tissue), minimizing inflammation and the use of healing aids such as StratadermTM.

If you’re concerned about scarring following a surgical procedure you either want to have or need to have, make sure your surgeon can answer you on:

1. What kind of skin do I have? Am I prone to scarring?
2. How does your surgical technique minimize scarring for me?
3. Is this type of surgery prone to scarring and can I see ‘After’ pictures?
4. How will I care for my scar after surgery?

As facial cosmetics are my specialty, scarring is something I’ve worked hard to reduce over the decades that I have been operating. Here are some examples of the types of scars you can expect from certain procedures:

Facelifts have minimal scarring, which is often hidden at the hairline and behind the ears.

Nose jobs have no visible scarring if performed ‘closed’. If performed ‘open’, where incisions are made, the scars are usually fine and hidden in the folds of your nose.

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) requires small incisions in the eyelid, which leave a thin scar that progressively heals over time. When completely healed, with the assistance with good scar care, it becomes difficult for anyone to notice the scars.

Botox, lip fillers, skin treatments (laser and peels) are unlikely to leave any scars at all, as they don’t involve incisions anywhere in the skin.

If you’d like more information on the treatment of existing scar tissue, or the results following a surgery you are considering, get in touch today.