Facial plastic surgeon and ENT specialist Dr Alan Evans, and cosmetic medical practitioner and phlebologist Dr Suri Nair, recognise the need to be able to offer patients a complete range of options for all your facial rejuvenation needs. Dr Evans and Dr Nair are both highly respected doctors in the Shire and have joined forces at Shire Cosmetic Medicine, where together they provide the full range of cosmetic medicine treatments under the one roof. To learn more about the doctors and staff please click on the “Our Practice” tab.


Other members of staff include Glenys Nair (laser technician/hair removal), and medical secretarial staff (Anne,Jenny,Sue,Lyn,Mandy,Aadya,Liz and Shirley).

As a patient at Shire Cosmetic Medicine you will be advised about all the various procedures available and have a treatment plan tailored according to your individual needs. We welcome any queries or comments that you may have.

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